Bachelor Collection

Intrigued by water running down the wall behind the bar at a restaurant in London, my imagination was instantly triggered. Water has a mystique to it. It always makes me want to find out what’s underneath the surface. I started searching for whatever was to be found and discovered the most beautiful natural sculptures – White Corals – at the bottom of the ocean.

Enchanted by their beauty, I soon after faced disturbing images of manmade waste plastic entering the scene. It didn’t belong there. It had to go, but wouldn’t. It was sitting right there challenging my imagination could I just get my head around it. It occurred to me to approach it with creativity rather than combat.

That's when I decided to incorporate recycled plastic into my Couture collection.


With a clear-cut intention of working with White Corals, not avoiding, but embracing its opposite, waste plastic, I started pencil drawing, then I made 3D sculptures in clay and papier-mâché. 

Turning pages of the present and past I got deep into classic Couture tailoring, techniques and details, unfolding a universe of endless possibilities and inspiration.